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Zongshen 'Fly': ZS125GY-10
« on: February 13, 2009, 02:09:09 AM »
Zongshen have a new range of Motorcycles under 'CYCLONE'.

Zongshen 'FLY' represents some 3 models of Off-Road/ Dual-Sport, and 125cc and 150cc versions of each.

Zongshen 'Fly'


ZS125YS-10 Professional - Moto Cross

This is a professional bike designed and developed for members of Motorcycle Club
with the best configuration of the 'Fly' series.

ZS125YS-10A Semi-Professional - Enduro

This is a semi-professional bike designed and developed for serious off-road capability,
whilst being 'street legal' 'Fly' series model.   

ZS125GY-10 Dual Sport - On-Road

This is a 'Dual Sport' bike designed and developed for on-road use mainly,
being 'street legal', but also for less serious off-road use.

    125cc versions:-

    * ZS 125YS-10
    * ZS 125GY-10A
    * ZS 125GY-10

    and 150cc versions:-

    * ZS 150YS-10
    * ZS 150GY-10A
    * ZS 150GY-10

I did a 'Google' on 'ZS 150GY-10 price' and was quit surprised by the results:-

Internet/Showroom Price     1499.00

Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10
CC            :    125 CC
Engine description :    Single cylinder, 4 stroke, water cooled with CDI ignition
Max power        :    8.5 Kw @ 8500 rpm
Seat height        :    870 mm
Gross weight    :    115 kg

Zongshen again proves they lead the way for Chinese motorcycle manufacturers with this great Trials/Motard style 125. Well designed and well built, it really is the business. Looking very sharp, this water cooled model really is a bike for now. We're just about to receive our first production shipment in, and after we have ridden one and assessed it's potential we'll have more to write about it's performance - so watch this space over the next few weeks.
Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10 | 125cc Trial

Quick Overview

Our latest version of a classic off road design has been taken to a new level. Consumer demand for a modern European style motorcycle has resulted in the development of the Predator. We are very proud of the resulting bike and are extremely confident that it will be one of the best selling vehicles of its class in 2008. The seating position is upright and offers the rider a perfect view to maneuvers the trickiest road conditions. The riding position and balance of the trial style bike is more relevant when it is used off road. The brilliant ground clearance of the frame coupled with the power and torque of the engine ensures a trouble free transition from tarmac to muddy terrain. Features include lightweight frame, Showa front shock absorbers, PP injection moulded plastics, crossed drilled brake disks, alloy engine guard, fork protectors and electric/kick start. A truly remarkable bike that should be included in the range of all leading motorcycle retailers.

Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10

@ US$1.45 = 1, this is approx US$2,030

or Php96,000 which makes it good value, considering Honda XR200 is Php122,000 now!

I will check what price 'V8 Motorcycles & Spare Parts Dealer' can import this ZS125GY-10 model into Philippines for?
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Re: Zongshen 'Fly': ZS125GY-10
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2009, 10:19:23 AM »
THanks a lot for posting this.  Had not seen it before.  Please let us know if you find anything else out.


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Re: Zongshen 'Fly': ZS125GY-10
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2012, 08:22:16 AM »
Well some 3 years on and Motostar in the Philippines started importing some of the then NEW Zongshen CYCLONE Range, notably 155cc version of the ZS125-50 Zongshen 'Persuit'.

I put together a Slideshow of Cyclone Range and one was the Cyclone 'PERSUIT' - ZS125-50
Zongshen Cyclone 'Pursuit' ZS125-50

Here is the new Motostar website, featuring the IQ - 155z

As you can see, apart from the increase to 155cc, the design of the front crash bars changed, and the running boards of the rear passenger footrest and the built in Pannier rack, were dropped but the back rest and rear rack were retained.

Motostar name it the IQ-155z

Here is a Motorcycle Thread here in the Philippines Discussing the IG-155Z (much of it in Tagalog, use Google Translator!),29990.0.html

This says the Price on installments was Php61K

Motostar import these under CKD (Completely Knocked Down) 'kit' under s special Motor Vehicle Development Program (MVDP) I understand.

Many more Chinese Motorcyle Manufacturers have also signed up Registered MVDP company with an Agreement with a Philippine Company, to do the Assembly, Testing along with Marketing, Sales and Support.

This brings down the cost as they get preferential Customs and Import Duty clearance, making them extremely well priced.  Some Japanese Manufacturers, now have Chinese partners to take advantage of this also, rather then send CKD Kits from Japan to the Philippines as Honda have been doing with the XR200 (that now costs nearly Php140,000).

Zongshen 'FLY' Range

The Dual Sport model of the Zongshen 'FLY' range was the ZS125-GY-10

imported a 155cc version of the ZS150 GY-10, calling it the 'Moto X155'.

Price is Php59,000

Zongshen were offering the CYCLONE FLY Range in Indonesia as 'RYUKA' and they had a Super Motard version, with the Showa inverted front fork suspension of the ZS150 GY-10A, this was the ZS150 GY-10C

imported a 155cc version, in 'CQD' Kit form and called it 'Moto R155'

Price is Php63,000

Motostar have another Zongshen  Dual Sport which they call the TRLAX 200

This  TRLAX 200 assembled 'CKD' Kit sells for Php55,000 in the Philippines.
That is the Credit Terms Price also.


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Re: Zongshen 'Fly': ZS125GY-10
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2016, 08:39:37 PM »
The content of the material has a very good heart


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Re: Zongshen 'Fly': ZS125GY-10
« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2018, 12:15:04 AM »
I want it Want to take a ride My home would have a very good feeling.