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Zongshen CYCLONE 'Forge Ahead' : ZS110-60
« on: February 24, 2009, 11:15:21 PM »
The NEW Zongshen 'Cyclone' range, brings new design,technology, and quality.
Development that combines the core technology from USA - Harley-DavidsonItaly - Piaggio, Moto Cuzzi,  Spain - Derbi, and Taiwan NOVA designing technology.
This represents a new generation of Chinese Motorcycles, that now offers, stylish, practical design, with much improved quality, that now represents really excellent value for money.

Kia and Hyundai, took on the big car makers, and now you might see the likes of 'Zongshen', stealing increasing market share, from major Japanese motorcycle brands.

Cyclone Plan | We own | We possess | We hold | Cyclone Gene
Cyclone, which combines the factors of peculiar, speed, sweeping and powerful.
Cyclone is also the combination of “cycle” and “lone”
“cycle” , the general name for 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers, also the fountainhead of the motorcycle.
“lone” means the chief of hero with brilliant leadership, an irreplaceable pioneer in the industry, which is very unique. The formal of “lone” can also means Number One.
The Chinese name“赛科•龙” combines both factors of implicit and internationalizing.
Cyclone—Zongshen aims on to be the leader of the industry, the aspirant exemplar, and the innovative pioneer.
Cyclone Plan
     Zongshen will launch new products to the global market in a way oflarge-scale, entire-variety, high-frequency in order to meet the customized demand. This project takes the domestic and abroad market requirements, regulation, standards and motorcycle future development tendency as the instruction. Utilizes Zongshen Engine’s full production line and full flow of product development from design to final inspection; combines the core technology from US Harley-Davidson, Piaggio, Moto Cuzzi, Derbi and TaiWan NOVA designing technology. Meanwhile,  the speciality of “ZONGSHEN” product also have been strengthened deeply. Zongshen will be the Industrial Icon by break away from the low-price competition which occurs in the chinese motorcycle industry.

Since this Zongshen Forum section on > Models relates to > Touring Scooters > Zongshen CYCLONE 'Forge Ahead' : ZS110-60

This information therefore relates to ZS110-60

Pity this Forum is stuck with using BBS Code that does not allow 'Embed' unless this 'Insert Code' works?

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If not then you can view it here:-

Or converted to 'YouTube':-

I am sure you can see the attention to deatail and the improvements in QUALITY compared to run of the mill Chines 'clones' of Honda 'Wave' and 'XRM' look a likes?

I think you might agree, that this is indeed a new era in Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturer, where the have invested heavily in R&D with cooperation of other companies.  Many Japanese Motorcycle engines have been produced in China.  However this is new designs and technology - bringing them very much to a competitive edge as they have the technology, design, and lower price compared to Japanese models.

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Re: Zongshen CYCLONE 'Forge Ahead' : ZS110-60
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